Bendix Electronic Stability Control and Collision Mitigation

  • Bendix Electronic Stability Control [ESC], Wingman Advanced,
    and Wingman Fusion are NYSDOT approved technologies.
  • IC Bus was the first school bus manufacturer to offer stability
    control and collision mitigation technology as a standard safety
  • Collision Mitigation features may be omitted; however,
    Electronic Stability Control is a standard, non omit-able feature.
  • IC Bus is the only school bus manufacturer to offer both Active
    and Passive collision mitigation technologies and a full stability
    control system.
  • Bendix Electronic Stability Control systems are utilized in over
    600,000 commercial vehicles today.

Training and Information

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Under no circumstances should any individual willfully conduct testing or attempt to demonstrate the capabilities of units equipped with an Electronic Stability Control or Collision Mitigation system. Purposeful testing and/or demonstration of these systems can put the operator, passengers, participants, pedestrians, and other motorists at risk of serious injury or death.


  • Dash-mounted driver interface unit
  • Radar unit in center of front bumper

Training Video: Wingman Advanced

Bendix Wingman Advanced

Bendix Wingman Fusion

  • Dash-mounted driver interface unit
  • Radar unit in center of front bumper
  • Windshield-mounted forward facing camera

Training Video: Wingman Fusion

Bendix Wingman Fusion

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