• Our school bus experts work quickly to identify and meet your needs to keep your fleet running safely and efficiently.
  • We have full repair capabilities, including Cummins warranty and service support, for all make and model school buses.
  • Leonard Bus Sales provides one-stop-shop service and warranty support for IC Bus for all fuel types.
  • Each of our full-service facilities have highly certified technicians.
  • Leonard Bus Sales has the most regional full-service facilities in New York State.

Operation and Maintenance Manuals


Service Hours: 7:30am to 4:30pm

Bergen | 800-605-4017* |
Deposit | 800-554-4504* |
Middletown | 845-775-4679* |
Rome | 800-354-5374* |
Saratoga Springs | 866-287-2005* |

* Press 2 for Service 

diagnostics interface and reporting technology

As school buses become more complex, drivers, technicians and mechanics require innovative tools that make it easier for them to quickly diagnosis and address problems.

NEXIQ Blue-Link & Blue-Link Mini are mobile vehicle interfaces that enable you to use either your iOS or Android devices (smartphone or tablet) to communicate with your school buses and quickly access basic diagnostic information.

HeRo (Health Report software) collects diagnostic troubleshooting codes, vehicle data and information from the school bus’s communication network to make the diagnostics process even more efficient and effective.

Diagnostics and Software Support from our Partners

Making it easy for you to contact our diagnostics and software support partners directly is one of the ways we help you keep your fleet running safely and efficiently.

“In addition to making sure you can speak directly with our diagnostics and software partners, we provide customized service and support with a team of dedicated professionals that go way beyond the bus.”


Diagnostics and Software Support

Navistar NED, Diamond Logic Builder,
HeRo & ServiceMaxx:

Cummins Powerspec & Insite: 888-861-5123

Nexiq Datalinks: 800-639-6774

Allison DOC: 877-659-6913

Bendix Acom: 800-247-2725

PSI Powerlink: 336-217-0132