16 Nov

Wappingers Central School recieves delivery of 17 IC Bus clean diesel school buses from Leonard Bus Sales

November 16, 2012, Saratoga, NY — Leonard Bus Sales recently delivered 17 IC Bus clean diesel school buses to Wappingers Central School.

Wappingers Central School Transportation Supervisor Kim Catalano, Maintenance Supervisor Sean Porter, and Pat Leonard and Sean Reilly from Leonard Bus Sales (left) are seen here delivering one of the seventeen school buses.

“We’ve enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with Wappingers Central Schools,” said company President Mike Leonard.  “It is a relationship that we have truly valued for almost 35 years and now it includes three generations of the Leonard family.”

Wappingers Central School replaced a number of school buses, which were upwards of fifteen years old, with new IC Bus clean diesel school buses.  The new clean diesel school buses will help make the school district’s fleet much cleaner.

“One of the most effective ways to improve fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impact is to simply replace decade old buses with new, clean diesel buses.  The reason:  today’s clean diesel buses are 20 times cleaner than the buses of ten years ago, and now operate with near zero emissions,” said Leonard.   “New, clean diesel buses do this thanks to more efficient engines, more effective emissions control technology and the availability of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel.”

Replacing even just one decade old bus with a new, cleaner diesel bus will reduce the emissions on that bus route by 95%.  Imagine the environmental saving and efficiency improvement of replacing all the ten year old buses in a fleet.  Do it each year, and it’s called smart fleet management.  And it can be done without additional investments in new fuel distribution systems.

“There is no doubt that fastest way to a cleaner, more efficient fleet is by replacing old buses with new, clean diesel buses,” said Mike Leonard, president of Leonard Bus Sales.  “Diesel has always been the most efficient and cost effective fuel, and now it’s also clean.”

School Districts across the state are already seeing reduced emissions and improved efficiency every day with new, clean diesel buses — and with the industry-leading service offered by Leonard Bus Sales.

(Left to Right) Leonard Bus Sales President Mike Leonard, Wappingers Central School Transportation Supervisor Kim Catalano, Maintenance Supervisor Sean Porter, and Pat Leonard with Leonard Bus Sales.

Leonard Bus Sales is a leader in the distribution and support of quality, environmentally-friendly school and commercial buses.  A third generation family-owned business, Leonard Bus Sales sells IC BusTM, Trans Tech Bus, Champion Bus, and General Coach America buses.  Full-service facilities located in Deposit, Saratoga Springs, Rome and Bergen, NY.  www.leonardbus.com