19 Mar

The IC Bus CE Series Gasoline Type C School Bus is now in Production

The CE Series with the PSI 8.8L gasoline engine is purpose built and designed for stop and start operation, featuring similar power and performance to diesel, which allows for immediate acceleration after stops and greater hill climbing capacity.

“We know our customers want a choice in powertrain options and our new gasoline-powered bus will be just another example of how IC Bus is responding to market demand,” commented Trish Reed, vice president and GM of IC Bus.

PSI 8.8L Engine Purpose-Built for the School Bus Industry
The PSI engine is exclusive to IC Bus, and is based on the original GM 8.1L gasoline engine used in pickups and commercial vehicles. However, the two engines are not the same. IC Bus and PSI worked together to identify what works best in a school bus application, and made several robust improvements to create an 8.8L on-highway, purpose-built engine for the school bus industry, including but not limited to:

  • Cylinder Heads: The modernized, heavy-duty, high-low heads create fast burn to improve efficiency and reduce emissions.
  • Crankshaft: Forged and induction hardened steel crankshaft creates a durable block, capable of 1,000 ft-lb of torque.
  • Intake Manifold: A tuned 24-inch long-runner provides higher torque, while a special air-gap design keeps engine air cooler to improve efficiency.
  • Camshafts: Optimized camshafts for low-speed engine operation to ensure customer expectations are met.

Commercial Grade Powertrain with Low-engine Speed Design
Based on customer feedback, IC Bus wanted to develop a gasoline powered, commercial-grade V8 engine that features similar power and performance compared to diesel. The PSI 8.8L low engine-speed design produces less noise, heat and wear than our competitions gasoline engine. With this low-speed design, the CE Series Gasoline bus is designed to drive like a diesel with no compromise on engine power and reliability, resulting in diesel-like torque and performance, which simplifies the driver experience when transitioning to an alternative fuel.

IC Bus uses the industry’s preferred Allison commercial grade transmission across all powertrains for ease of maintenance. The shorter, sturdier shaft has increased durability, and over 44 percent more clutch material compared to Ford, so it holds gear and lasts longer in the toughest operation.

One-Stop Warranty with North America’s Most Powerful Dealer Network
When it comes to servicing your gasoline powered CE Series, you can count on the broadest, most capable dealer network in the industry, no matter what component needs attention. IC Bus handles all warranty claims directly, and with the PSI 8.8L engine, we offer the industry’s only one-stop warranty:

5-year unlimited mileage warranty on engine
5-year unlimited mileage with no cost cap on engine towing
7-year unlimited mileage Allison Transmission warranty

In the end, the IC Bus CE Series powered by gasoline is purpose-built for the school bus industry, designed to deliver diesel like performance with a low-engine speed design. Watch the below video to see how the gasoline powered CE Series is set to bring you the results you need—on time, every time, or visit us at ICBus.com.

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