13 Nov

Leonard Bus Sales Helps Nearly 4,000 Children Across NY Receive Food from School-Based Meal and Backpack Programs

November 13, 2018, Saratoga Springs, NY– In its pursuit to help end child hunger, Leonard Bus Sales recently announced that they will be making additional donations to The Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York, and six other food banks across New York.  The announcement comes after the company attended this year’s New York State Council of School Superintendents Fall Leadership Summit, which was held this fall in Saratoga Springs.

In addition to its annual charitable support of school-based backpack and food pantry programs, Leonard Bus Sales will be making an additional donation based on the total number of attendees at the superintendent leadership summit

“We are very grateful to Leonard Bus Sales for helping the Regional Food Bank feed hungry children through our BackPack Program,” said Executive Director of the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York, Mark Quandt.  “We have learned through research that children who participate in the BackPack Program attend school more regularly, perform better, and have fewer disciplinary problems.  Through this special promotion, Leonard Bus Sales will help improve the health and well-being of many children in the Capital Region and throughout New York State.”

Instead of spending money on promotional giveaways at industry conferences and events, such as the one held by the NYS School Superintendents, Leonard Bus Sales decided to establish partnerships with local food banks and allocate those resources to helping hungry children.  The company has partnered with a total of seven regional food banks across New York State to support school-based BackPack and food pantry programs servicing fifty-seven counties.  The programs provide meals to children when they are not in school.

Established by Feeding America (feedingamerica.org), the national “BackPack” Program provides meals to over 450,000 children in need during the time they are not at school.  The food is usually discretely distributed at the end of the school day and given to the child when they leave for the weekend or vacation.

“Our company has been committed to providing safe school buses to protect children and families for over fifty-years,” said Leonard Bus Sales Vice President, Jon Leonard.  “Partnering with regional food banks to provide meals for kids in need is just an extension of our commitment to children and families.

Leonard Bus Sales has committed to donating one backpack per event attendee for each of the events it attends each year.  The seven participating food banks will be provided a proportionate share of the meals donated based on the number of children they serve.”

In the fifty-seven counties in New York served by the program, approximately 22,000 children per week benefit from these programs — Leonard Bus Sales will be helping feed approximately 4,000 children per year.  In addition to providing meals for children in need, the company hopes to raise awareness at each event and raise additional money for local food banks across New York.

According to estimates, 13 million children in the US are threatened by hunger each year.  This threat can jeopardize a child’s development and ability to succeed.  Often, hungry children have a tougher time focusing on school and their future.  Proper nutrition feeds positive physical and mental development and can lead to better academic and economic achievement.

To learn more about the Food Bank of Northeastern New York, go to regionalfoodbank.net or to learn more about school-based hunger programs near you go to feedingamerica.org.

Photo:Left to right, Leonard Bus Sales Transportation Advisors, Sean Reilly, Dave Rindo, and Bob Mastro are seen here during the New York State Council of School Superintendents Fall Leadership Summit inside the Saratoga Springs City Center.