13 Jul

IC Bus on track to meet EPA’s 2014 and 2017 greenhouse gas emission standards

July 13, 2012, Deposit, NY — Leonard Bus Sales releases highlights of Navistar/IC Bus Clean Engine Announcement.

Navistar/IC Bus school bus products currently meet EPA greenhouse gas emissions standards and will meet the 2014 and 2017 greenhouse gas rules ahead of schedule by utilizing its new “In-Cylinder Technology Plus” or ICT+ emissions platform.

Navistar’s recent announcement regarding its clean engine “In-Cylinder Technology Plus/ICT+” is good news for our customers because it assures them that IC Bus school buses are, and will continue to be in compliance with EPA emissions standards.

In-Cylinder Technology Plus (ICT+) combines Navistar’s leading in-cylinder technology with an EPA certified after-treatment system to ensure IC Bus meets its goal of offering the cleanest and most fuel efficient diesel engines in the world.

Navistar’s ICT+ technology rollout will begin with its heavy-duty engines. The entire engine family, including those used for school buses, will begin sometime in the near future.

Leonard Bus Sales has been a leader in the sale and support of environmentally-friendly school buses – the Navistar announcement will help guarantee that into the future.

Compliance…now and in the future:

IC Bus brand buses are compliant today with their MaxxForce DT and MaxxForce 7 engines. The carbon credit strategy has served customers very well.

Timing is not yet determined on the move from current engine credit strategy to ICT+, but when it is, there will be a clear and seamless transition plan for the IC Bus product.

The progress made in the development of MaxxForce® Advanced EGR in-cylinder technology, combined with liquid-based after-treatment, will serve as the foundation for the next generation of clean engine technology.

ICT+ will position Navistar to meet .2g NOx requirements as well as greenhouse gas (GHG) rules in advance of 2014 and 2017 requirements while also improving performance and fuel economy.