29 Oct

Clean Diesel Rising

October 29, 2014,Deposit, N.Y. – You think you know diesel? Think again.

For years the school bus industry has touted recent advancements in clean diesel technology. At Leonard Bus Sales, we know that today’s clean diesel buses run 20 times cleaner than the buses of a decade ago, operating with “near zero” emission.

Now, the automotive industry — and consumers, alike – have taken notice and are demanding more consumer-class vehicles with clean diesel engines.

In fact, Motor Trend’s top ranked half-ton truck the past two years is the EcoDiesel powered Ram 1500. It’s the most fuel efficient truck of its kind on the market, with a 28 mpg rating. The Ram is also the first heavy duty pickup built with a diesel engine in 15 years. This new clean diesel engine is so popular Chrysler has had to ramp up production of the truck just to keep up with consumer demand.

There’s a reason. Clean diesel is efficient, powerful and reliable. Just look what Motor Trend said about diesel:

“First, a little education on the superiority of diesel: Gallon for gallon, diesel fuel contains roughly 15 percent more energy by volume than gasoline. That means if everything else were equal and you had enough gas to get you 500 miles, the exact same amount of diesel would get you 575 miles. But wait, there’s more, as all things aren’t equal. Diesel fuel is more stable than gasoline, meaning diesel engines are capable of running higher compression ratios and more boost from forced induction, both of which add up to greater power generation from smaller displacement, which again means more efficiency. Diesel’s slower burn rate also means it’s ideal for lower rpm operation. Driving around with an engine screaming away at 5000 rpm might be fun for a little while, but climbing a mountain listening to that constant drone is no way to spend a road trip. It also happens to be terrible for fuel economy.”

It’s not just trucks. Across the automotive market, car manufacturers are returning to diesel and discovering that the technological advances in the past few decades have made it the preferred fuel option for new standards of efficiency. Mercedes, Jaguar, Volkswagen, Honda, Ford, Chrysler and many other car manufacturers, are turning to diesel for their latest fuel efficient models.

Think you know Diesel? Think again.


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