16 Jul

All-Electric School Bus Plays Role in Honoring School Transportation Professionals at NYAPT’s Summer Conference

Leonard Bus Sales used this year’s NYAPT summer conference to honor school transportation professionals from across the state for supporting their students and education community during the pandemic.

NYAPT summer conference attendees were asked to fill out a raffle slip to enter to win a $500 gift card from Leonard Bus Sales and as part of the entry include the name of a person they would like to honor for their dedication to their students and school.  The entry slips were then displayed prominently on the side of an all-electric school bus from IC Bus.

“We are thrilled to do our part in honoring our fellow school transportation professionals for their commitment and dedication to supporting their students and schools during these unprecedented times,” said Leonard Bus Sales President  Jon Leonard.  “There are so many unsung heroes in the school transportation industry who deserved to be recognized for their selflessness and we owe them our utmost gratitude for all they do to support the students of our great state.”

In addition to posting the raffle slips on the all-electric school bus to honor school transportation professionals from around the state, the all-electric CE Series from IC Bus was on display for NYAPT attendees to view and learn about all its features and unique characteristics.

The bus is designed to give customers a fully operational electric school bus option with user-friendly options and features that incorporates an electric drivetrain that is quiet and does not produce any emissions.
But, most importantly, IC Bus will offer a true consultative, turn-key solution thanks to their partnerships with Next eMobility and In-Charge Energy Solutions Company.

These partnerships will allow Leonard Bus and IC Bus to work closely with districts to explore and execute a true eMobility plan which covers the 5-C’s, which include consulting with industry experts who can help you make the right decision for your district; charging solutions focused on vehicle uptime; constructing  state-of-the-art vehicles to meet the needs of the school bus market; connecting vehicle data collection and monitoring capabilities and conserving by providing environmentally friendly options at the vehicle’s end-of-life.

The first all-electric CE Series school buses (18 in total) were delivered to school districts in British Columbia, Canada, in May and are now in operation.