11 Feb

Norwood-Norfolk CSD Transitions from Diesel to Gasoline: Moves to Improve Efficiency and More Easily Meet EPA Standards

February 11, 2019, Norfolk, NY – Members of the Norwood-Norfolk Central School District were excited to see two new IC Bus brand school buses powered by the latest clean engine technology pull into their school transportation yard. The new gasoline-powered school buses are part of the district’s seven-year fleet rotation program designed to ensure the district has the safest, most efficient and cost-effective school bus fleet possible.

“It feels like we are going back to the future by transitioning to these new environmentally-friendly gasoline-powered school buses,” said Norwood-Norfolk Central School District Transportation Supervisor,” Bill Meeder.  “Our bus drivers love the efficient gasoline-powered school buses by IC Bus.  In addition to meeting the EPA’s strictest school bus emissions standards, they are extremely quiet and more convenient to refuel on long trips.”

The IC Bus PSI 8.8L gasoline engines are purpose-built for the harsh demands of school transportation, providing a quieter ride and better start-up in cold weather, while still providing diesel-like performance.  The new buses require no aftertreatment equipment to meet the latest EPA’s emissions standards and are less complicated engines, which means they are easier than diesel engines to maintain and repair.

Meeder praised Head Mechanic, Aric Leggue, for keeping the district’s school bus fleet running like a well-oiled machine and thanked Norwood-Norfolk Superintendent Jamie Cruikshank and Business Manger Lisa Mitras for always supporting the school transportation department’s mission to provide the safest and most efficient transportation possible.

Norwood-Norfolk Central School District operates 24 total school vehicles, 16 of which are large buses similar to the two the district recently purchased.  The district developed a seven-year fleet replacement plan; rotating out a few older school buses each year to spread out the purchasing and maintenance costs more evenly.  In addition, the school district’s rotation plan is helping reduce the costs associated with maintaining and repairing older school buses.

“A well-managed school bus fleet is an important factor in saving precious transportation dollars, but it is even more important to the safety of the children riding the school buses,” said Leonard Bus Sales Vice President Jon Leonard.  “We take our commitment to the Norwood-Norfolk Central School District very seriously. As a partner and trusted advisor, we work with the district to understand their school transportation safety and efficiency needs, and then provide the customized service, support, training and education they need to make it easy for them to do their job each day.”

Photo:Norwood-Norfolk Transportation Supervisor Bill Meeder is seen here in front of one the district’s new gasoline-powered IC Bus CE Series school buses.

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