ST Aero

Big-Bus Durability

Trans Tech’s ST Aero is a small star in student transportation with big-bus durability.  This single wheel Type-A school bus’s aerodynamic design helps improve fuel economy and reduce transportation costs.  Trans Tech’s proprietary slide track seating makes this little workhorse extremely versatile helping save time and money.  The ST Aero’s Single-seam roof construction and Trans Tech’s unparalleled craftsmanship ensures your ST Aero will require less maintenance and repairs.  Trans Tech backs the ST Aero with an industry-leading 3 year 60,000 mile warranty.

Trans Tech is a manufacturer of industry-leading conventional and environmentally-friendly electric Type-A school buses. Offering a family of single and dual wheel models, Trans Tech is known for its innovative and fuel-efficient conversion designs.  With a wide array of versatile floor plans, which feature Trans Tech’s proprietary slide-track seating, the company is able to meet ever-changing customer demand.  Trans Tech Bus is a division of Transportation Collaborative Incorporated located near the New York metropolitan area in Warwick, NY.

Trans Tech’s Vehicle Brochure

Trans Tech “Tough” Brochure (hi-resolution file)